How to live the virtual reality experience

Nowadays you just need a smartphone and a little cardboard to immerse yourself in a virtual experience. Go to the video, select the cardboard icon at the bottom right ( ) and insert the phone in a viewer (like a Google Cardboard) to start exploring ProntoPack in VR.

Video quality can be changed by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the screen.


Technical features required

The ProntoPack VR experience works with all the Android and iOS smartphones, which support virtual reality. It is fundamental to remember two major points to enjoy the video in the correct way, and those are:


It is one of the main smartphone sensors, able to detect the movements made by the phone in the three axes X, Y and Z (three-dimensional space) in a precise and fast way.


This sensor is able to understand the movement of the smartphone and adapt the image accordingly. Together with the gyroscope it allows you to explore the VR environment around us.

App Cardboard

Android smartphone must have the dedicated appto use the viewer to use the Cardboard viewer. You can download the app at this link, then you need to configure the smartphone, following the tutorial in the application.

Live our virtual reality experience

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